Jungle Laser Tag

What is it?

It’s like playing paintball with lasers: your goal is to shoot at the flashing lights on your opponent’s gun and vest. Our Aztec-themed arena is an interactive jungle which glows in UV light with innumerable obstacles and unique décor.

Who is it for?

  • Aimed at adults, teenagers and children over 12 years old. Children over the age of eight are welcome in the company of an adult.
  • Groups from 2 to 24 people

How does it work?

  • All the games are open games and start every 20 minutes
  • The game is made up of a few steps:
    - 5min training
    - 5min for setting up your gear in the armoury and for disarmament
    - 15min of gameplay on the arena
  • 40 targets – after hitting a target you gain bonus points or abilities
  • 3 base stations which you must defend and attack
  • Special phaser guns with a digital display which shows the game status and vests with sensors

Mini Golf

A magical nine-hole mini-golf course. A room brimming with incredible huge statues which recall a tale known to all. Elements of the decoration and equipment glow in the dark! In this room you will find:

  • 9 holes with multiple obstacles
  • Equipment which comes in 5 different sizes – fit for pre-schoolers and for basketball players :D (children under the age of 10 should play with an adult supervisor)
  • Game duration: 30-45 minutes
  • 1-4 people can simultaneously play at one hole
  • Children under the age of 3 can play with their parents or guardians for free

Escape Room

(Attention! Opening date: February 2017)

At Ale Zebra you will find as many as 4 rooms where a thrilling adventure awaits. In a group of 2-5 people you have 60 minutes to escape from the room and the only way you can achieve this is through teamwork and solving a series of logical puzzles and agility tests. Together with Mr Escape we have prepared:

  • "Prison rebellion"
  • "VooDoo Island"
  • "The old circus"
  • "The King’s crown"


An area with 20 extremely popular entertainment machines. But they are not your typical arcade games. During these games you fight for tens/hundreds of tickets which you can exchange for prizes! Thanks to this, not only will you have fun but you will also return home with various gifts and gadgets.


Get ready for crispy delicious pizza fresh from the oven! Because as you know, having fun will always leave you hungry. Thanks to our pizzeria, you will be able to stay with us even longer while feeling at home. In addition, we will be preparing:

  • Tortillas
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Toast

Bar / kawiarnia

W kawiarni odnajdziemy aromatyczne kawy i świeże ciasta. Bar będzie wypełniony zimnymi napojami i piwem. Dodatkowo w najbliższym czasie przygotujemy szereg drinków bezalkoholowych i alkoholowych dopasowanych tematycznie do naszych atrakcji. Po grze laser tag w dżungli najlepiej ugasić pragnienie z kociołka Szamana.